I share, therefore I am

Giving a bit of oneself, showing a bit of oneself.
Getting a bit of oneself back that we have not known about
Or a bit of someone else..

Sharing is, for me, the creation of a space, of a common playground, where we are able
to open up ourselves in order to give and receive. It is a space of trust that does not
belong to anyone, but to everyone, that no one ~ but all of us together ~ can decide
about, can define.
A space we enter and leave as we wish. And sharing is also the opening of a space
inside of oneself: the opening of a sensitivity, of an aspect, of a fragility maybe too,
that we have not experienced before. These two founding elements for sharing demand
us to be present on all levels. If one of these elements is missing, one only enters this
space, but nothing happens. Or one enters the space of the other, but the common
ground needed to get involved with oneself, and with the other, is missing. For enabling
a natural flow of giving and receiving we need an inner opening, and a common
territory, a space of trust.

I wish to create such spaces and share whatever there is to share: the person I am, and
that I choose to be, in that particular moment; so I can be the freest and most unladen
'me' possible. Most of the times I will select public spaces to interact, as this idea of
sharing is intrinsic to them since centuries, but got a bit left aside in our current every
day life. I desire to communicate with people, dance, laugh, draw, be silent with them,
surprise them, and be surprised by them... The moment will bring what is possible; and
what happens is going to be formed and carried by all of those participating: what,
how, where and how deep we go. Limits are set by ourselves only, consciously or
unconsciously. Inside the space they don't exist. I would like to feel these limits with
you, experience them, maybe cross them, or define them in a new way.


september 21 11am share a thought during the opening of the exhibit in the Palais Trauttmansdorff, Bürgergasse 5 in Graz. I cook yummy food and share it with you, and would be delighted, if you share a thought, a gesture, a song or whatever you can come up with!

september 27 about 10am to 1pm share a moment at the Lendplatzes (Imbiß Hauser) and from 3pm on the meadow in front of the Forum Stadtpark. Sit down with me, share a cup of tea, a moment, a smile, silence.. Ralf Kleveman, travelling with his piano for the past 20 years as a road-dervish, will open and hold the space for us with his sounds, so that sharing becomes possible.
september 28 about 11am to 2pm share a dance at Stadtpark (meadow in front of the Forum Stadtpark). Come and dance with me! Again in collaboration with Ralf Kleveman who will share on his E-Piano with us, what is here. Remember: sharing makes happy **
october 4 about 1-4pm share a drawing at the bus stop in front of the Palais Trauttmansdorff, Bürgergasse 5. I draw something, you draw something, we draw something!!


deep thanks to Uli Schedler for his open ear and constant feedback & to those innumerable, wonderful beings who nourish my life and work ***

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