Christina Clar
Prebl 111
AT-9461 Prebl
email ccx[at]

Born in Bruck an der Mur, Austria, in 1974

Studies at the Sorbonne, Paris, the University of Vienna, Austria, the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (Énsb-a),
the Slade School of Fine Art, London; Summer Academies at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique),
Paris and Salzburg Fine Art Academy
She practises family constellations, Reiki, Contact Improvisation, Alexander Technique and Five Rhythms dance while focusing on
the connection to one's own intuition.

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Projects and installations

2014 sound- and movement workshops with patients of the psychiatric clinic of Ville Évrard (F) and with teenagers in the
........Národní Galerie in Prague (CZ). in collaboration with actor Marc Planceon
2014 Hörschauarena: contemporary music in public space to participate!
2013 series of performances for the exhibit 'I share, therfore I am' at ESC MedienKunstLabor Graz/Steirischer Herbst. see clip

2013 Sound design for the theatre piece Shéda by Dieudonné Niangouna, Festival d'Avignon
2011 sound mix for Automata, an experimental short film by Australian filmmaker Matt Richards. a trainwreck 2020 production
2009 footage for Kaleidoscope, an installation-perfpormance using OS motion tracking software
2009 visuals for beyond, an installation-performance by Silvia Platzer
2009 An ear to hear even ill these scraps of an antique rigmarole, a sonic transposition of the multiple layers of text of Heiner Müller's
. ......script of Hamletmaschine. Q-O2 werkplaats
2009 Parcours de l'archi bio, a walk with and around sculptures made out of sugar and tales about to vanish... BRXLBRAVO09
2009 sound mix for Hombres Hablando, an Australian short film directed by Matt Richards. a trainwreck 2020 production
2008 urban walkenings, a walking and listening experience playing with sound perception in the city. With Christina Clar, Natasha
. ......Roublov and Madame Patate. Organized by constant.
2008 voices & space, a meditation on the act of listening, in spaces with changing acoustic, sound and atmosphere, from different points
. ......and positions, moving through space. with Fabrice Moinet. Q-O2 werkplaats.
2008 live sound mix for trans-formation, a 'semi-improvised' structure with performer Antonella Cusimano at OFFoff in Gent
2008 Stage and sound design for the theatre piece 'Conférence concertante' written and directed by Yves Chaudouët
2007 Being hear, a walkening (walking & listening experience through the building of Bains::Connective),
followed by Hear being, a
........gazening (seeing and listening experience) proposed by Dario Vacirca. A public walkabout after a two month residency called
........'Nomadic Structures'.
2007 reading jam performance with the Institute for Transacoustic Research at Bains::connective
2007 SKIN, a temporary and superficial occupation of RDF 181 together with Nataska Roublov (clip)
2007 Somewhere else, history continues... installation-performance at Bains::connective, Brussels (interview, clip)
2006 clips on the 29e Hestejada de las arts, a jazz-improvisation festival in Uzeste
2005 ..comme si l'image était le lien entre deux sons multichannel sound installation, Théâtre Epée de Bois, Paris
2005 stage design and video projections for the opera Bonjour M. Gauguin by Fabrizio Carlone
2004 Performance during the 7th placard Festival - non-stop streaming headphone festival
2003 Pictures of L.A. on urbanfieds
2003 Turning Dreams and Shifting Harbors, multichannel sound installation at Raid Projects
.Gallery in Los Angeles during the
.. .....L.A.International biennial
2003 Defrag, hypnosis Cd in collaboration with Marcos Lutyens
2003 Sound Installation for the release of the Cd Turning Dreams and Shifting Harbors of the Label
........Beaurivage @ Ryclart (part of the project Kidnapping Europe)
2003 La kitchen à la Gaité, en evening with carte blanche for the kitchen, video projection
2003 Soundtracks for the project Cycopolis by Marcos Lutyens and Daniela Frogheri, Image Festival, Florence
2000 soundscape, sound installation, HAUS, Kassel
2000 A Toda Madre, a documentation-space around the opera El Niño by John Adams, concept & design of the exhibit in collaboration
...... with Christian Leblé
2000 An Architecture for the Museum for Evolving Art, installation, sound, objects, Kulturbahnhof Kassel
1999 Prière de tenir la main courante, video installation at the 16th Documentary film and video festival, Kassel
1998 sound track for the exhibit Musée des Récipients with Louis Rollinde, Galerie Michelle Rème, Paris
1998 In situ, photographs, Bad St. Leonhard, Austria
1997 Archives, installation, Gallery Michelle Rème, Paris
1997 Spurensuche, installation with drawings, photographs and sculptures,
Galerie Gauche,Énsb-a, Paris

Collaborations and professional experiences
Video and stage design assistance
for several opera productions: The Rake's Progress directed by Robert Lepage, La Monnaie
Brussels, Royal Opera House London and Teatro Real Madrid in 2007/8; Le Grand Macabre by G. Ligeti, Salzburg Festival 1997,
St. François d´Assise by O. Messiaen, Salzburg Festival 1998, El Niño by J. Adams, Théâtre du Châtelet Paris 2000, all directed by
Peter Sellars

Video shooting and post production for the non-profit associations and constant, for the exhibit Balenciaga.Paris at the
Fashion Museum in Paris, for the multimedia agency arbanet, for tnc network ('the specialists in electronic event design', Libération)
during events like gamehotel and ars electronica, for La Grande Halle de la Villette during events like Rencontres urbaines and Villette
, for the Circus Academy Fratellini, for the children's workshop at the Centre Georges Pompidou and artist François Durif (F).

Sound mixing/recording and post production for the Avignon Festival 09, musicians Pascal Contet (F), Carol Robinson (USA), Wu Wei
(CN), Tom Mays (USA), Bernard Lubat (F) and Nikos Veliotis (GR), for dancers Ula Sickle (CA) and Antonella Cusimano (IT), for the com-
posers Nicolas Frize (FR) (listen) and Mark Grey (USA), for the Congolese author-director Dieudonné Niangouna and director-actor Yves
Arcaix (FR), artists Yves Chaudouët (FR) and Marcos Lutyens (USA), and for the company Fábrica Teatro. sound operator for the docu-
mentary Scène d'amour directed by Nathalie Latham, produced by Mezzo and Point du Jour, sound production for several websites;

Collaboration in fine art with the artist Peter Jap Lim (DE) and architects Roberto Benavente (CL) and Nataska Roublov (FR).